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About me

Trained as a political scientist, I also dabble in music and documentary filmmaking.


My latest documentary, 

A Thousand and One Berber Nights, chronicles the journey of Hassan Ouakrim - a Moroccan dancer and actor - and his unlikely friendship with La Mama Theatre founder Ellen Stewart.

I am contributing editor of the Moroccan-based 1960s Magazine Souffles. Read more.


My latest documentary

In the late 1950s Hassan Ouakrim was a young dancer and actor in Morocco. Little did he know that he would soon become the protegé of La Mama Theatre founder Ellen Stewart, performing across America, forming friendships with the likes of jazz virtuosos Ornette Coleman and Randy Weston, and becoming a pioneer in spreading Berber dance and music in North America.

A Thousand and One Berber Nights

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My latest essay

Morocco’s World Cup heroics are forging a new, dissident Third-World solidarity, reflecting the multifaceted nature of Moroccan identity itself: simultaneously Arab, African, and Amazigh.


The (African) Arab Cup in Africa is a Country 


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