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About me

Trained as a political scientist, I also dabble in music and documentary filmmaking. My latest film project A Thousand and One Berber Nights (currently in postproduction) is a documentary about the late African American theatre director Ellen Stewart and her support of North African dance in America.

I recently co-founded the Program on African Social Research (PASR). Read more.


My latest documentary

Malcolm X and the Sudanese looks at the role of Ahmed Osman in the life of Malcolm X. Osman, a Sudanese development economist, first met Malcolm by chance at Muhammad’s Temple #7 in Harlem in the summer of 1962. The film follows Osman, now in his late seventies, as he returns to Harlem 55 years after the death of Malcom X.

Watch here

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My latest essay

“Paul Bowles? He’s the worst,” said Edward Said, making a brushing gesture. When I tried to continue, Said raised his hand: “Stop, why are you defending him? Just stop.”

A French translation of the original article published by New York Review of Books is now available on Orient XXI, published on February 13, 2021: Paul Bowles et « le mythe de Tanger »

More essays here

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