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Trained as a political scientist, I also dabble in music and documentary filmmaking. My latest film project A Thousand and One Berber Nights (currently in postproduction) is a documentary about the late African American theatre director Ellen Stewart and her support of North African dance and culture in America.


I recently co-founded the Program on African Social Research (PASR). Our collection of essays on comparative racial formations in Africa and the Middle East is forthcoming. 

On this site, you will also find dozens of articles on culture and politics that I wrote in the mid-2000s when I worked as a cultural reporter covering youth culture in Harlem, the Bronx and Paris. I have published books on global hip hop (Rebel Music - Empire and the New Muslim Youth CulturePantheon 2015), social movements (Black Routes to Islam - edited with Manning Marable, Palgrave 2009), and on neo-liberalism and labor movements in the Global South (Redeploying the State, Palgrave 2008). 

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